When delivering a product to a patient, the product must be assigned to the patient and reduced from inventory via the Dispense action.

  1. From the Main Menu go to Patient Care > Dispense
  2. Displays Patient charts that are waiting to be dispensed 
  3. Patient information displays for editing
  4. Document generation selection upon Dispense:
  • Delivery
  • Fitter
  • ABN
  • Send Forms? - Allows for forms to be sent to a selected email
  • Fitter Signature can be entered once product is properly fit.
  • Save

   5. Product Search field - Used to manually select a product from the Clinic Catalog.
   6. Current product selected on patient chart

  • Sizing and fitting information is accessed from product.
  • Use the "X" button to remove the product.

   7. Dispense- Generates the Delivery forms if selected and removes the product from inventory. Also finalizes all transactions for the Patient. 

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